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Tips for internal job interview success
WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2013 11:15 AM

Tips for internal job interview success If the results of a business management aptitude test show that workers have what it takes to climb the company ladder, they may have an eye out for internal advancement opportunities. When a position finally opens up, employees should make sure they know what they need to do to succeed during an internal job interview.

Here are a few tips for workers who may have one of these interviews in the future:

Notify current managers
If employees transition to another role within their company, their managers will find out eventually. Forbes suggests workers talk to their current managers about their intentions before they apply for a new position within the company. Not only can this prevent feathers from being ruffled, but managers may even offer helpful advice.

Learn about your reputation
The more employees know about their reputation around the office the better prepared they will be for their interview. For this reason, CBS MoneyWatch recommends internal job candidates ask for candid feedback in regards to how they are perceived. This will allow individuals to address their weaknesses and play up their strengths during their interview.

Research the position
Just because an individual already works for a company does not mean they are a shoe-in for an internal position. This will be especially true if they know very little about the role they are applying for. To avoid being upstaged by an applicant from outside the company or in another department, the news source advises candidates to research the job so they know what it entails, as well as what is expected of them.

Take it seriously
Employees may know the individual they are being interviewed by, but this does not mean their meeting should be any more casual than if they were total strangers. The Houston Chronicle advises internal candidates to dress up, shake hands and act professional. This is not a meeting between two co-workers, but an interviewer and a qualified professional.

Be honest
If internal job candidates have been with a company for some time, it is likely they have gained a reputation. This makes it a lot harder for them to dodge their weaknesses or avoid past mistakes. Rather than trying to lie or distract from the truth, CBS MoneyWatch suggests individuals own up to their blunders and explain how they learned from them.

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