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Author: William A. McConochie, PhD, et al.

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Employment Career Tests Description

Discover your perfect career!  This assessment calculates which personality traits are strong and weak for you.  Based on that assessment, it will match up your personality to over 300 career options to find out which potential career paths someone of your personality would be best suited for.  This is an entirely free test, so you have nothing to lose!

Also included for free is a detailed personality report, simplified job report, and a detailed 305 career analysis.

What Career Should you REALLY have?

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Funeral Director
  • Tax Attorney
  • Engineer
  • Teacher

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Employment Testing & Career Aptitude Test

We are offering a Free Personality Assessment Test and Career Profile. This free career test evaluates which jobs are best for you by uncovering your areas of interest.

Our state-of-the-art profiling software will ask you a series of questions that represent important skills and abilities. Your scores will help you pinpoint your strongest work-related interests and guide you to the occupations that will most satisfy those interests. The free report identifies the "Big 5" traits and your "Primary" career areas. The questionnaire takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete and you don't have to complete it all in one sitting.

We also offer IQ testing that works well when used together with the personality assessment. Additionally, our employment personality test will give you a detailed report and test results on what career fields might offer you the best choices for your strengths.

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