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Welcome to FunEducation! We offer numerous services and products including our online IQ test and numerous other testing and training options including authoring tools and even a free career test We also offer an array of tests designed to help you to successfully train your staff across various industries. We have set high standards for ourselves and are one of the leading sources in online IQ test and Personality Test services today. While many people who use our products and services have made our free online IQ Test and Personality Test a huge success, we offer a whole host of other products and services that you, your company and employees can all benefit from. Just have a look below to see what we are all about:

Our Mission
FunEducation provides the most practical, easy-to-use and cost-effective products for knowledge delivery.

Our Products
In addition to our online psychological and self-discovery tests, we provide self-paced training courses for interactive presentation through the Internet and on CD-ROM. Our courses combine interactivity, simulations, audio, video and testing. With our authoring tools, new training courses are created to add to our Course Library and existing courses can be readily modified to fit your custom needs.

Our Services
If your training needs are not being met through our current inventory of career test or other knowledge products, we can create a custom title for your organization. We design comprehensive training programs for corporations and schools, converting existing content and incorporating the benefits of digital technology into informative training programs. We can also train members of your staff to maintain the training modules and create their own, using our authoring tools.

FunEducation was founded on years of research into how people learn in a computer-assisted environment. Keeping in mind that for training to be effective, the student must be actively engaged, we will listen to your needs and fully understand your requirements and goals before our architects create the instructional design for your training module or system.

At every stage of course development (analysis, prototyping, production, and quality assurance), FunEducation applies specific principles and cognitive models to the creation of assessments and training. Each course is developed using a comprehensive set of criteria. Our standards include quality content, absorbing graphics, interspersed questions and realistic simulations to make learning fun, interesting, and effective.

Your organization's training and assessment programs can be web-enabled and delivered across the enterprise to employees and students around the world. If it makes sense, we can even resell the assessments created for your needs and pay you royalties! We have a complete turnkey solution that allows for Web based packaging, marketing, sale and delivery of courses ensuring that the knowledge is delivered to the end-user without you having to worry about the details.

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