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Author:  William A. McConochie, Ph.D, et al.

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* “Genius” in terms of exceptional ability is defined
by Webster’s as “an exceptional natural capacity of
intellect, especially as shown in creative and original
work in science, art, music, etc.”

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 IQ Test Description

This free test is a premium psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning. This IQ test is primarily a verbal or I.Q. test containing elements of spatial reasoning. Your raw IQ score will be scaled and applied to the standard deviation to provide your IQ relative to the normal distribution of intelligence scores for this IQ testing assessment. It has content validity.


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Know Thyself!  - Socrates (400 B.C.E.)
"The unexamined life is not worth living." To know oneself makes for power, self-control and success.  Individuals encounter difficulty in life because they do not fully comprehend their abilities, limitations or the full range of their personalities.  They need a psychological mirror enabling each person to see the self as it really is, including its strengths, weaknesses, and potentialities.

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We offer a number of options in testing to find out what your personality type is. This page is focused primarily on IQ tests, however, if you would like to take a personality test in addition to the online IQ test, doing so will give you additional insight into what specific traits you may excel in and what you can improve upon. Taking a free personality test online with us can greatly assist you in making career choices and much more.

In addition to these testing options, we also offer you career test options as well. When you take a test or career quiz to determine which field you may do best in, you can start to make some of the tough decisions with hard data in front of you to decide what will be the best direction for your educational and career choices.


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