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Sales Person Test Description

The Sales Strategies Assessment is a complimentary, internet based sales skill assessment developed as a service to our clients and the selling profession to assist in identifying potential salesman problems and to provide coaching advice on proven selling techniques and selling strategies for a salesman.

The assessment consists of 59 questions, mostly True and False, and you should be able to complete it in about 15 minutes. This evaluation will show how you compare to the greatest salesman.

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Why should you take the Challenge?

FREE Detailed Analysis!
  • Establish a baseline of your knowledge of selling
  • Identify areas of weakness and strengths
  • Receive suggestions to improve your performance in your
    weakest area
  • Evaluate the progress of your sales training
  • See how you compare to the perfect salesperson in over
    ten key areas

Managers! Test your entire sales force.

  • Chart progress of teams and individuals
  • Identify areas where training is needed
  • Compare your people to others in your industry

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