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Monday is the best day to apply for a job

Unfortunately for job seekers, the best day of the week to apply for a position is typically not included among the results of an aptitude test. Fortunately, Bright.com, a website designed to match recruiters with those who are looking for work, recently determined that the answer to this question is Monday, according to ABC News.

The news source highlighted the findings of a Bright.com study, which showed that 30 percent of job seekers who submitted their application on a Monday continued on to the hiring process' next stage. Only 20 percent of those who applied on Tuesdays were able to accomplish the same, while 14 percent of individuals who applied on Saturdays advanced.

With the holiday season about to begin, some individuals may not think the day of the week matters all that much in their job search. After all, many people believe that companies are more concerned with taking time off during late November and December than looking for new hires.

"Don't assume everyone has closed up shop for the holidays," Bob Corlett, founder and president of Staffing Advisors, wrote in a guest column in the Baltimore Business Journal. "Lots of employers are actively interviewing right now, and most are hoping you can start work in December or early January."

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