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Report highlights disconnect between job seekers and hiring managers
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013 15:01 PM

After taking an aptitude test, job seekers may have a good sense of what skills they possess. However, these individuals need to be careful not to become overconfident in terms of what they have to offer. Based on the findings contained in a recent Career Advisory Board report, companies may not be as confident in job candidates' abilities.

Differences of opinion
The new report, which was created using survey responses from 507 job seekers and 500 hiring managers, shows that members of these two groups are out of sync. For example, 56 percent of job seekers said they are confident they know what companies are looking for in potential employees, while 72 percent of them are confident in their ability to share their skills and experience with employers.

However, hiring managers are not as confident in job seekers' abilities, and only 15 percent of these company officials said job seekers have the skills they desire. This disconnect is problematic, as people's overconfidence could be standing between them and the positions they desire.

Growing pessimism
The disconnect between job seekers and hiring managers could also affect individuals' outlook on the nation's economy. Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the unemployment rate currently sits at 7.2 percent - the lowest it has been since 2008 - many people seeking employment are becoming pessimistic.

According to the report, 37 percent of job seekers said they have no confidence in the job market's ability to improve next year. This figure is a 7 percent increase over last year's total.

"We're seeing an increasing number of job seekers who are losing hope, but the economy isn't fully to blame," said Alexandra Levit, business and workplace consultant and Career Advisory Board member, in a statement. "Opportunities do exist for job seekers who are able to effectively demonstrate to hiring managers that they have specific in-demand skills."

Economic confidence high among hiring managers
While many job seekers are pessimistic, hiring managers are more hopeful. The report reveals that 86 percent of these professionals are somewhat confident the job market will improve next year.

In fact, 67 percent of hiring managers are so confident in the economy that they do not feel as though they need to settle for job candidates who are not perfect for open positions.

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