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How to spot a bad boss before it is too late
MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2011 17:02 PM

How to spot a bad boss before it is too late Not everybody is good at their job, including professionals who are in managerial roles. Unfortunately, a bad boss can sometimes derail an individual’s career before it even has a chance to begin. However, there are ways to identify bad leaders before it is too late.

Forbes recently provided a few ways in which job candidates can spot a bad boss during an interview. For instance, if a manager provides vague or generic responses, is awkward or pauses a lot while speaking, then this individual may not be the best person to work for.

While bosses are often required to multitask, checking a smartphone during an interview can be considered disrespectful behavior, especially when a manager should be trying to make a good impression, according to the news source. If a prospective manager cannot put his or her Blackberry away, then this professional may not be the type of boss workers can depend on.

However, not all bosses are rude or incapable of giving straight answers. According to CareerBuilder, great managers provide continuous feedback, establish a sense of trust, help their staff do well and show compassion.

Individuals who are curious to see if they have the traits of a good or bad boss may want to take a business management aptitude test.

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