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How to impress a bored interviewer

How to impress a bored interviewer No matter how interesting job seekers think they are, or what kinds of skills an aptitude test says they possess, they may sit for an interview with someone who is less than impressed with what they have to say. If candidates suspect that their interviewer is growing bored with their responses, they should do what they can to turn things around.

If job candidates are looking for quick and easy ways of improving their interview, they should follow CBS MoneyWatch's advice and assume an upright and attentive position. In addition, individuals can stop themselves from using too much jargon. Nothing brings someone out of a conversation faster than technical terms they are unfamiliar with.

Perhaps an interviewer's boredom stems from too many lengthy responses to simple questions. If candidates feel this is the case, the news source suggests they strive to shorten their replies.

"Rather than giving all the aspects of a story, consider limiting yourself to just the important facts - that is, the things that are essential to understand what you did and why it mattered," Gayle Laakmann McDowell, author and career expert, tells Business Insider.

McDowell also recommends individuals vary their volume and tone as a way of regaining their interviewer's attention.

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