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How to get a Twitter profile ready for the job search
WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2013 09:55 AM

How to get a Twitter profile ready for the job search Twitter is not just a website people can use to talk about what they ate for lunch. It is also a valuable tool job seekers can use to increase their chances of finding employment. If these individuals have already taken a career test, but do not have an account on Twitter, there are a few things they should know about the popular social media website.

Those who use Twitter may not realize it, but what they tweet about and who they follow can influence their attractiveness to potential employers. Tom Gimbel, chief executive officer of the recruiting and staffing firm LaSalle Network, told CBS MoneyWatch that managers get a sense of job candidates' professionalism through their Twitter page.

"Make your name the Twitter handle, choose an appropriate picture, and in the description area explain why you match the type of position you're seeking," Gimbel said.

Once Twitter users have an appropriate profile, they can set out in search of job opportunities. Mashable advises job seekers to follow accounts related to whatever industries they plan to work in. If potential employers have their own Twitter handles, it is a good idea to follow their pages for the latest company updates, including job openings.

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