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Asking questions can help people embrace a career change
TUESDAY, JULY 02, 2013 10:21 AM

Asking questions can help people embrace a career change There may come a point in every individual's career when he or she feels lost, and that is OK. People should not feel as though they have to work in one specific field for the rest of their life. Instead, they should consider a career change and all the good it can bring.

Of course, changing careers is not something people should do overnight, so they should ask themselves a series of questions to decide what line of work would be best for them.

AOL Jobs suggests individuals consider what type of work environment they prefer. Do they like to be part of a team, or is working alone more their style? Is a fast-paced office the perfect place for them, or do they prefer a calmer setting?

At the same time, people need to question why they feel lost at their current job. Is it because the work is unfulfilling? AOL Jobs recommends asking what matters more, salary or passion.

In addition, individuals should consider taking an aptitude test, which can help them understand which questions they should ask themselves, and give them more clarity on the type of job that would be best for them.

While asking and answering questions is important, the answers will not always help people overcome their fear of changing careers. Forbes suggests viewing life as an experiment. Taking risks and making mistakes are part of the process, and essential to living a more fulfilling life.

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