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A Vine resume may not be effective
THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2013 11:10 AM

A Vine resume may not be effective Although it depends on the position job seekers are applying to, they can expect a lot of competition - especially in today's economy. As a result, some candidates may feel as though they need to do something drastic to stand out.

This may have been what journalist Dawn Siff was thinking when she created a six-second Vine video instead of a traditional resume. Since its introduction earlier this year, Vine, which allows users to create and share quick video clips, has increased in popularity. "Fun," "short" and "beautiful" are some of the words used to describe this mobile app on its iTunes page. However, companies cannot always make informed hiring decisions based on "short" and "fun" materials.

For this reason, CBS MoneyWatch chose not to endorse Siff's approach to landing a job. The journalist's Vine video featured her holding different props, such as a microphone and lightsaber, as she said phrases like "Idea machine" and "Deadline Jedi."

Rather than shooting a Vine video, it may be in job seekers' best interest to go with a traditional resume. They may also be able to increase their chances of finding the right job by learning more about themselves through the results of an aptitude test.

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