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People's personalities can change on the job

People''s personalities can change on the job When people start new jobs, they can expect to see changes to their daily routines, as well as their bank accounts. However, what they may not anticipate, or even notice, are changes to their personalities.

At the onset of a new job, some individuals may feel as though their new work settings will not change their priorities or influence their beliefs. However, in a recent blog post, Bob Sutton, a professor of management at Stanford University, wrote that personalities are more malleable then people like to admit, according to CBS MoneyWatch.

Sutton highlighted the results of a study from 1956. The news source stated that this research required employees at a manufacturing company to switch roles. For example, some workers became foremen, and noticeable personality changes were observed. In fact, these individuals became pro-management and anti-union within six months of transitioning to their new job.

Based on these results, Sutton suggested that people be careful about the jobs they take and realize that they may have an impact on their personalities, the news outlet reported.

According to past research, which appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people's personalities can change throughout their lives. As a result, those who are curious to see what impact their jobs have had on them may want to take a business aptitude test.

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