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The traits of a great writer

The traits of a great writer Being a successful writer is no easy task, which everyone from journalists to authors can surely attest to. However, there are certain traits that may separate the good writers from those who are truly great, at least according to PR Daily. Those who aspire to begin a career as a writer may want to take a personality test and see if they possess any of the characteristics the news source recently highlighted.

A passion for the written word is among the most important traits great writers possess. Not only should they have a passion for reading, but analyzing text as well. The ability to pay attention to everything from how a sentence is structured to what words were used can have a positive impact on writers.

In addition to being voracious readers, great writers should be good listeners who are always listening for anything that can inspire them. For example, the way people talk to one another in public can influence individuals' writing for the better.

The results of a personality test may also help people figure out exactly what type of writer they are. According to The Huffington Post, there are introverted writers, who tend to be quiet and introspective, extroverted writers, who are often more outgoing, and the mixed personality writer, who are a combination of both.

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