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Personality tests help companies identify ideal employees
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 15:37 PM

In addition to preparing for an interview, today's jobseekers may find themselves sitting for a personality test if they wish to be considered for a particular position.

Personality tests are increasingly becoming a part of the hiring process for many companies, The Wall Street Journal reported. In fact, since 2010, the number of businesses that are using assessment tools before taking on new workers has risen from 48 percent to 56 percent this year, according to the Boston-based research firm, Aberdeen Group.

Aside from an applicant's personality, these tests can assess an individual's other traits, including cognitive ability and competency, the news source stated. Ultimately, the information that employers collect through this process can help them identify people who will be the best fit for their organizations.

"Culture fit is an absolutely critical determinant of longer-term fit, and not easy to discern in an interview," Jay Gaines, chief executive of the New York executive search firm Jay Gaines & Company, told the news outlet. "There are some short psychological tests that might provide reinforcement and support to observations we might make on candidates."

MSNBC recently reported that companies often turn to personality assessments when they are inundated with resumes and need to weed out applicants who would not be a good match for a particular position.

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