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Greater happiness in youth may lead to high earnings in adulthood
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2012 17:34 PM

Greater happiness in youth may lead to high earnings in adulthood If parents want to get a sense of how successful their kids will be throughout adulthood, they may want to have them take a personality test. After all, new research has linked happiness in people's younger years to higher salaries later in life.

Researchers from two U.K. universities recently analyzed data from 15,000 adolescents and young adults who were living in the U.S. to find out how their overall mood affected their level of success in adulthood. After conducting the study, the researchers found that those who were happier and more satisfied with life growing up tended to do better professionally later on.

For example, a one point increase on the researchers' five-point life satisfaction scale at the age of 22 was linked to almost $2,000 more in yearly earnings at 29 years of age.

"Perhaps most importantly, for the general public - and parents in particular - these findings show that the emotional well-being of children and adolescents is key to their future success, yet another reason to ensure we create emotionally healthy home environments," said Jan-Emmanuel De Neve of the University College London, who worked on the study.

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