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Gifted students can excel alongside like-minded classmates

There is no denying that some children are just more advanced than others their age. Whether these youths start reading earlier than their peers or learn how to play a musical instrument without taking lessons, their parents are going to want to have them sit for an IQ test for kids to find out if they should be considered gifted.

The earlier parents know, the better equipped they will be to provide their children with the quality of education that will best suit their advanced needs. After all, if gifted students are placed in classrooms alongside non-gifted children, they may not feel as though they are being challenged and end up underachieving, according to the Family Education Network.

To ensure that gifted children are receiving the education they deserve, parents will want to consider enrolling them in special programs, like the one that was recently established by Queen Creek Middle School in Arizona. According to Independent Newsmedia, the program, titled Bridges Academy, is designed to prepare gifted fifth- and sixth-graders for the rigorous classes that await them in junior high and high school alongside like-minded peers.

"The students think alike and often process information alike and therefore have a common bond with one another," Julie Niven, Queen Creek's principal, told the news source.

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