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Gifted programs provide comfortable learning environments
WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2012 15:56 PM

When kids appear to be more curious than their peers, or devour new information and experiences, they could be what are referred to as gifted children. Parents may feel as though they and the schools these youths are enrolled in cannot keep up with their thirst for knowledge. This is when an IQ test for kids can come in handy.

Based on the results of this assessment, parents can decide whether or not they should consider enrolling their children in schools for gifted youths. After speaking with officials from their kids’ schools and doing online research, parents will find that a variety of programs exist that are designed specifically for children that are more advanced than others their age.

Should parents go down this route, their children may face the types of opportunities many other gifted children benefit from. For instance, fifth-grader John Mark Holbrook is set to attend the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s this summer, according to Lamorinda Weekly.

In Indiana, the Elkhart Community Schools offer exceptional students the chance to participate in the Providing for Exceptional Potential Program, or PEP, WNDU-TV reported. Through this academic option, gifted students have the ability to study with like-minded peers, which is beneficial to these pupils.

"You're not the odd one out who's smarter or who understands things better," PEP student Rosie Krider told the news source.

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