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Did you know? Surprising facts about gifted kids
THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017 08:32 AM

Having gifted kids can produce constant surprises. They may do or say things you never would have expected, but those things make your children who they are. However, a little predictability can be welcome, so here are some facts about gifted individuals you may not have known before:

They tend to over exaggerate

Gifted kids have imaginations that just won't quit. Your children may enjoy playing make-believe games, but sometimes they can get out of hand. What seems like a fun imaginary game to your little ones can come off as an exaggeration, or even a lie, to you or a teacher. 

Most of the time, your child's stories will be just that. However, if you are not sure, ask. Also, encourage your kids to be honest with their teachers. They can share their imagination with their educators, but they should draw the line between truth and exaggeration.

They are both observant and spacey

If your children day dream a lot but somehow manage to notice small details, they might be gifted. Highly intelligent kids often have active imaginations, and if that doesn't lead to over exaggeration, it does result in your children seeming a little out of it. They might be picturing a battle they learned about in history class or making up a world of their own.

On the other side of the coin, gifted kids have keen senses of observation. They are curious and analytical, and often notice things you may not have. That skill can manifest in a number of ways, from sensing slight changes in room temperature to being able to tell how another person is feeling.

They can be physically and emotionally sensitive

With an active mind often comes active emotions and physical senses. For instance, your gifted kids might be more likely to cry when they get hurt. Or, they may be overwhelmed by loud noises or bright lights. Interestingly, these traits are similar to those of highly sensitive people. HSP describes individuals with a specific temperament - basically, they take in more stimulus from their environments than others.

Despite the fact that giftedness and HSP characteristics overlap, your gifted children may not be HSP. According to The Highly Sensitive Person, you can research giftedness separately to help you identify your child's traits.

They may not do well in school

Intelligence doesn't always foreshadow good grades. In fact, many gifted kids perform poorly in school. This can happen because of a number of reasons. Gifted kids may not receive the challenge they need to be stimulated and engaged during class. Other kids' inquisitive natures could make them disruptive. Still other students day dream during lessons. 

It's important to know that just because your children aren't performing well it doesn't mean they aren't intelligent. Pay attention to how they do their homework, as this could give you insight. For instance, if your children get math problems correct, but don't solve the problem the way they learned to in class, it could be because they know a simpler, more effective way. This can be an indicator of intelligence. Ask your kids why they struggle in school, and work together, along with their teachers, to find solutions.

They might not excel at everything

A study published in the journal Intelligence revealed that high amounts of gray matter in certain areas of the brain was associated with above-average intelligence in associated skills. For instance, participants who had more gray matter in the part of the brain linked to language excelled in related subjects. This illustrates how gifted kids can be talented in and passionate about some things but not others.

Even highly intelligent kids will struggle with some subjects, and that's OK. Remind your child how gifted they are in the things they care about.

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