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3 common traits of intelligent children
THURSDAY, JULY 02, 2015 16:15 PM

Gifted children often display certain character traits that parents should be aware of. All parents view their children as gifted and special, but some kids stand above others when it comes to intelligence. It is not always easy to spot these brilliant children as they are growing up, but having them take a kids IQ test can be helpful. A gifted child can also be spotted if he or she displays certain traits noted as common in talented kids.

1. Learning abilities
All children are naturally curious. They want to learn and gain a better understanding of the world, but some kids are better at doing this. Often, gifted children learn quickly and naturally, easily understanding and grasping new information presented to them. Psychology Today also says that gifted children may develop motor skills, be creative thinkers and see learning as fun earlier than their peers.

2. Sensitivity
Highly intelligent children can have a heightened emotional sensitivity than their peers because they experience the world differently. Along with a deeper understanding of their world and how it works, talented children also frequently have deeper emotions. Parents can help children deal with their feelings by openly discussing their emotions and taking them seriously. The Davidson Institute for Talent Development suggests using an "emotional thermometer" to gage how a child is feeling on a scale of 1 to 10.

3. Language skills
Children who are avid readers and seem to possess an advanced vocabulary show signs of being gifted. Language can help them gain more knowledge, so effectively communicating with various audiences is important to talented children.

What parents can do
First, pay attention to your child's feelings. As adults, it's easy to write off children's emotions as immature and overreacting, but it's important to nurture their sense of self so they can grow into confident adults. As children get older, it's also valuable to pay attention to their schooling. If gifted children are not being challenged enough in class, they will quickly become bored, causing their grades to suffer and potentially getting them into trouble. Gifted Education Digests suggests that kids benefit from spending time with others who are at a similar intelligence level. Inquiring into a school's gifted program is an excellent way to make this happen.

For parents with multiple kids, be sure not to make children feel like they are competing. Getting distracted by a gifted child's needs can accidentally cause other kids to feel left out and cause a rift between siblings. The Davidson Institute suggests showing support for each child's accomplishments and encouraging siblings to participate in the support. This helps kids become advocates of each other instead of competitors.

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