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Helping your kids move from one-word answers to conversationMONDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2019 09:38 AM

Having a conversation may take some practice. When you ask your kids how their day was at school, do their answers often start and end with, "Fine,"? It's frustrating as a parent to try to learn about your children when they only speak in one-word sentences. That's why it's essential to teach your kids how to have conversations instead of merely answering questions. Here are some ways to facilitate better communication:

Ask open-ended questions

There is one easy way to better gain insight into your kids' school days - stop asking closed-ended questions. If the query you are about to pose could be answered in one word, find a way to rephrase it. Here are a few examples:
- Instead of, "Did you learn anything in school today?" ask, "What did you learn in school today?
- Instead of, "How was math class?", say, "How did your teacher explain algebra differently today?"
- Instead of, "Are you having fun in gym class?" ask, "What did you do in gym today?"

There are many ways to alter any question so that your children have to respond with full sentences. This provides a lot more information for you to use to form another question and learn more about the subject. You can also teach your kids to do the same open-ended questioning when in conversation with their friends. This will help them become better listeners and communicate better with people in school, their personal lives, and once they enter the workforce.

Give and take

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Teaching Gifted Kids in Normal Classes WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 11:39 AM

Gifted kids may require outside assistance after regular classes end. Gifted children aren't always whisked off to a higher grade or special courses and schools. In fact, many stay with their peers in age-appropriate grades. This can become an issue if the gifted students aren't properly challenged. They may act out and not get the most out of their education. Teachers who have gifted kids in their regular classes should consider these tips to ensure they are addressing these student's needs:

Don't actively separate the gifted students

Edutopia wrote that some teachers try to provide extra stimulation to gifted students by offering them opportunities to serve as their assistants. This unfair treatment can make other students upset and is not the right way to challenge gifted kids. Separating these intelligent students into a position that may make their peers feel they have an advantage can actually harm the gifted kids' social development. It's hard enough navigating primary and secondary school as a regular student. Gifted students can learn at a higher level than their classmates without being actively separated in the classroom. Provide gifted kids with more difficult homework that challenges them - they can work on the assignments in class or after, reducing the potential for boredom.

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Helping Gifted Kids StudyWEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2017 16:02 PM

Gifted kids still have to study to be prepared. Because gifted kids are smarter than their peers, many people do not realize they still must work to learn. While they have exceptional intelligence, they do not just automatically know things - these kids must study too! Parents can assist their gifted kids in learning healthy study habits at an early age. This will help them cruise through primary school and onto higher education with the ability to be extra productive. Here are study tips to work on with your gifted kids:

Time management

Just about everyone struggles with timing - especially kids whose minds are always on the go. Gifted kids can be easily distracted, so it is especially important to help them plan out studying for a big test or working on a complex project during several months or weeks. Gifted kids may feel like they need not study or spend much time on homework because of their intellect. However, slapping together a project the night before it is due can lead to bad grades even though the student is smart. Make sure your gifted children know about crucial school assignments and tests well in advance. Have them keep planners to write this important information down. Then, work out a schedule to prepare, so it is not a last-minute undertaking to get ready or complete the project.

Talk priorities

When adequately stimulated in sch... (read more)

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