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Career Options Profile

Career Test & Personality Testing

Career Options Profile Extraordinare

Author:  William A. McConochie, Ph.D, et al.

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Suggested Age: All Ages

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COPE Exam Description

The Career Options Profile Extraordinaire (COPE) is a battery of psychological tests or questionnaires for children ages ten and up, and adults. It is delivered over the Internet and is thus available all over the world. It provides a several-page report of scores and brief explanations of them. It is designed to provide users with a detailed profile of their career-relevant psychological traits. The goal is to help persons know themselves very well to guide them in finding careers that best suit their aptitudes and dispositions and that will thus maximize their chances of finding careers in which they will be most successful and satisfied. The profiles can guide persons with very low intelligence, average intelligence or very high intelligence, and persons with virtually limitless patterns of personality and related traits.

In personnel selection by employers, the task is to find persons whose traits most closely match those of successful current employees. Their goal is to select the best and reject the others. In contrast, the task of individual citizens is to know themselves well enough on job-performance traits to guide them in preparing for and seeking employment in careers in which they are most likely to succeed. Their goal is to employ every citizen in one or another career. The goal of the COPE battery is to help every citizen in this effort.

The COPE tests are presented online and in order, beginning with verbal intelligence, spatial intelligence, and the Big Five personality traits: Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Emotional Stability, Openness and Extraversion.

These are followed by several measures of traits that can be problematic and should be corrected, if present: two additional facets of Agreeableness: Impulsivity and User/ Egoism tendencies, seven types of Job Problem Behaviors, including tendencies toward substance abuse and anger management problems and brief measure of Violence-Proneness.

Finally, presented are a list of scores of general job conditions to let the person identify those they are most comfortable with, such as working indoors or outdoors, traveling, working with people or not, selling goods, building things with your hands, helping people with problems, working in the medical field, etc. See Figure 1, below for additional details on the tests. The COPE tests have been developed by William A. McConochie, Ph.D. over many years. The Big Five measures are based on the International Personality Item Pool data that is in the public domain and provides normative data of international scope (Goldberg, et al, 2006; Johnson, 2014).

The COPE product is presented online via the FunEducation.com, a San Diego company with whom Dr. McConochie has been collaborating for many years to provide testing services of various sorts over the Internet (see for example McConochie, 2008). Thus, in the intelligence and Big Five/Seven measures in the COPE package are normed on hundreds of thousands of persons of all ages around the world.

The COPE tests are presented initially in English. If demand is sufficient, they can be translated into additional languages.

The product is available to individuals and organizations, such as local school districts or state or national governments. It may be especially helpful to rural school districts for which sophisticated paper and pencil psychological tests and measures are not easily available and practical. It can assist parents in guiding their children independently or in conjunction with their local school system.

Users can choose as many sections of the battery as they deem appropriate to their needs and interests, but the best results will come from using the whole battery and the low price is the same for part or all of the battery.

The questionnaire instruments have generally good to excellent reliability and clear content and face validity. This manual provides material for further understanding and interpreting reports in greater detail, including references and sample reports.

The questionnaire is normed for both children and adults, so all can take the same questionnaire.

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