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I can't get past an ad. How do I get to my results?


Please complete the following steps if you wish to return to your results:

1. Click on "My Results" at the top of the page.

2. If you are not already signed in, click on "Sign In Your Account" and sign in.

3. Click on "View Results" of the test you would like to view the results of. Tests that have not yet been finished will have a link to "Finish Test". You must finish the test before you can view the results.

4. Click through the advertisements filling out any you are interested in and clicking “Skip”, “Next Offer”, or “No, Thanks” to the ones you are not interested in. It is not a requirement that you complete any offer to take the test or view your results.

** When asked about educational offers, please click "Other Offers" if not interested in furthering your education. That step is completely optional.

The advertisements are how we pay for our tests just like commercials are shown on television to pay for TV shows. They enable you to get the test for free which otherwise you would have had to charge $20 to your credit card to receive the results. Most of our customers prefer it to be free if they go through some ads than pay the $20 which is why we do it that way.

If you get a blank page or come across an ad that you can't seem to get beyond, please submit a "help request" below and we will be glad to assist you as well as look into the issue. All of the advertisements are designed to have "opt-out" or "skip" links and none are required to receive your results.

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