Refund Policy

We will work with you diligently to resolve any issues with your account that might come up. If we are unable to successfully resolve your issue, we will give you a refund according to our policy below.

Non-Refundable Products

The following products are NOT refundable at any time:
  • Printable Workbooks
  • Kids IQ Test
We do not offer a refund on any electronic (download) document or test results, except in the proven cases when a customer erroneously made multiple purchases of one and the same document or test results.

Reason for Policy

We cannot issue a refund for these products because the value of the product is received immediately after ordering.  For the printable workbooks, a customer can print the workbook within a few minutes of placing the order.  For the Kids IQ Test, the score and report is revealed instantaneously after the order is placed.  Once this information is accessible, the full value of the product is available to the customer.

Refundable Products

The following products are refundable according to the policy below:
  • Online Practice Tests
To receive a full refund, you must:
  1. Contact us within 3 days of your order
  2. Have completed or attempted NO MORE THAN 1 (one) online practice test and no more than 25 total questions in your account
Requesting A Refund

If your order does not meet the criteria above or your account is expired, you do not qualify for an order refund.  Refunds are given at the sole discretion of management.  Management reserves the right to refuse a refund at any time.

Please contact us by email if you qualify and would like to proceed with a refund request or if you have any questions.   We will process your request in 3-5 business days. Thank you for your order and interest in our products!